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Preventative Maintenance

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Preventative maintenance

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  • What is preventative maintenance?

    Preventative maintenance helps to reduce the risk of company down-time and data loss that can result from sudden hardware failures, viruses, hackers, and improper maintenance of your computers and network.

    It is important to protect your hardware investment and company data by ensuring that your computers are properly maintained and your data is always backed up.

    My preventative maintenance service is designed to just that by making sure your systems are always up-to-date, and by identifying any hardware, software, or performance issues before they sneak up on you!

  • Why sign up?

    • Get unlimited technical support via remote, email, and phone.*
    • Minimise your company downtime with monthly scheduled performance and health check-ups of your computer workstations and servers
    • Maximise performance of your computers and employees with continual monitoring and optimisation of your hardware and software assets.
    • Full system audit records providing you with an always up-to-date record of all of your computer hardware, software, and peripheral device assets.
    • Data backup monitoring and verification to ensure that your critical data is always backed up and is actually able to be restored if required.
    • Piece of mind that your computer systems are being monitored and maintained by a professional IT specialist.
  • What does Tech 360 monitor for me?

    • Antivirus and security status, settings, and subscriptions.
    • System and application event logs to catch software and hardware issues before they cause problems.
    • CPU, RAM, and OS memory usage to ensure each system is running optimally.
    • Hard disk free space to ensure you don't run out of storage.
    • Hard disk fragmentation.
    • Hard disk sector testing to detect failures before you lose data.
    • RAID and HDD S.M.A.R.T. status to catch media failures before you lose data.
    • Reported or logged hardware and software problems.
    • Roll out of latest software security updates, service packs, and patches for Windows and Mac operating systems.
    • Roll out of latest updates for other software that can pose a security risk such as Adobe Flash and Java.
    • Roll out of latest hardware firmwares .
    • Full system software and hardware audit records.
    • File and folder access permissions.
    • Application software functionality.
    • Onsite and offsite data backups.
  • Pricing

    • Preventative maintenance plans are customised to your specific needs.
    • Pricing is based on the number of PC's, laptops, and/or server's you have and is billed monthly in advance.
    • There are no lock-in contracts
    • You may alter or cancel your maintenance plan at any time.
    • For a quote please call Aaron on 0401 311 859, or request a call back using the form below.

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